Sunday, May 6, 2012

Side By Side - Keanu considers film vs digital

Keanu Reeves has a film coming out soon, and it doesn't involve kung fu, Dolph Lundgren, bombs on buses or time machines. Nope, it's a documentary, called Side By Side, and in it Keanu asks pretty much every director who had a free hour in their schedule, "is this the end of film?" Has digital cinema replaced the usage of celluloid / polyester prints? Given that Kodak recently announced its intention to fold its business, the question is a timely one. Given that most native 3D films being released today are shot digitally, it seems pertinent to bring the matter up here at 3Defence.

It screened at Tribeca recently, and there's a wave of publicity that I thought 3Defence's audience might be interested in reading. Wired have a great piece on it here, ending with the pithy observation that Side By Side itself was was shot digitally. Indiewire bring up a stunning revelation that no new film cameras are in development by any of the major manufacturers; we've a decade at best with the 35mm kit that remains. The films garners praise by The Moveable Fest, saying "Keanu Reeves' Digital Cinema Doc "Side by Side" Deserves a Whoa."

So, looks like it'll be an interesting one to watch. If you're the sort of person who cares about this debate, check out the trailer above!

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