Monday, June 24, 2013

List of 3Defence's Reviews

This is a compilation of 3Defence's 3D film reviews. Hopefully the table below provides a quick resource to see all of our reviews at a glance, and also shows we're not overtly biased in one direction or the other between 2D and 3D versions of films*. Enjoy!

Film Title What type of 3D? Which version to preserve?
Edge Of Tomorrow Post-Converted 3D 2D
X-Men: Days Of Future Past Native 3D 3D
Godzilla Post-Converted 3D 3D
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Post-Converted 3D 3D
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Post-Converted 3D 2D
Gravity Rendered 3D 3D
The Wizard Of Oz Post-Converted 3D 3D
Pacific Rim Post-Converted 3D 2D
World War Z Post-Converted 3D 3D
Iron Man 3 Post-Converted 3D 2D
Man Of Steel Post-Converted 3D 3D
Jurassic Park 3D Post-Converted 3D 2D
Oz The Great And Powerful Native 3D 2D
Life Of Pi Native 3D 3D
Bait 3D Native 3D 2D
Frankenweenie Post-Converted 3D 3D
Dredd Native 3D 3D
Katy Perry: Part Of Me Both 2D
The Amazing Spider-Man Native 3D 2D
Men In Black 3 Post-Converted 3D 3D
Prometheus Native 3D 2D
The Avengers Post-Converted 3D 3D

And here's a visual representation of whether we came down in favour of the 2D or 3D versions:

*Worth mentioning though, we tend to avoid writing reviews that explicitly urge you to spend your money in one way or another. Instead, we've preferred to opine on whether the 3D or 2D version of a film is the 'definitive' version that should be archived and preserved. After all, most critics and audiences would agree that the 3D version of Avatar projected in cinemas in 2009 is the version with the most historic significance. Likewise, most would agree Alice In Wonderland's post-converted 3D should never be seen again, and if we needed to archive anything we should archive the 2D version. If nothing else, we're hoping that this site can be a resource for future scholars, documenting what audiences responded to in the modern 3D era, and what we didn't.

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