About 3Defence

3Defence is a blog about modern-day 3D films. Here, you'll find reviews, news and opinion pieces about the future of 3D cinema.

3Defence's mission is to provide quality analysis of the 3D used in films, and to house reasoned debate on where stereographic cinema is taking us next. We at 3Defence believe 'the movie industry' is in a massive period of change, the likes of which we've not seen since the introduction of sound and colour in the early 20th Century. We believe the wider community of film critics have not served their readers well; most reviewers mention 3D fleetingly, in negative tones, without providing much justification for their displeasure. Considering we are literally watching the overhaul of our common cinematic language, this seems a touch flippant for our liking!

So, instead of the usual fluff, you'll find reviews at 3Defence to be measured, standardised, and focused on key issues for 3D film. Over time, we hope this will help our readers gauge whether they'll respond well to the usage of 3D in the latest blockbuster, and perhaps feel more empowered to make the decision between '2D vs 3D'.

You'll also find news stories, covering the myriad of changes going on in digital recording, distribution and projection. We'll generally try and provide an opinion on the news we present you, and it's likely that we'll welcome change, provided the likes of James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee and Peter Jackson are able to continue playing with all the latest tools. Films like AvatarLife of Pi, and Hugo have proven what A-list directors can do with 3D cinema, and 3Defence intends to document their work as well as that of the next generation of visual artists who will continue to push boundaries and dimensions throughout the early 21st Century.

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